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  • How to Add and Remove Pre-Tension - Rollease Easy Spring Wand

    This short simple guide will cover on how to add or remove pre-tension to your springs. To complete this, you will need to use 5mm socket head.
  • How to Set a Favorite Position on Rollease Shades

    The favorite position on a shade is a location between the upper limit and the lower limit on a shade. It is used to act as a default position that the shade can easily return to with a press of a button. This guide will cover how to set the favorite position on your Rollease shade.
  • How to Hide Channels on Rollease Automate Paradigm Remote

    Hiding channels on your Rollease Automate Paradigm remote is beneficial if you are not using the channels. Hiding them makes it easier for you to go back and forth between the channels you are using. To learn how to hide the channels, read the steps below.
  • How to Lock Rollease Automate Paradigm Remote

    All Paradigm remotes have a locking feature. Locking a remote doesn't allow multifunction buttons to work. For example, when locked, pressing the UP and STOP button will not put the shade into step mode. 
  • How to Group Channels on the Rollease Automate Paradigm Remote Using P1

    Grouping Channels on the Paradigm Remote using P1 Group channels allow you to operate multiple shades using only one channel. This makes it easy to control multiple shades since you do not have to individually move each.
  • Waking & Pairing Automate Shades

    This guide will cover how to wake and pair your Rollease Automate Shades to the Automate remote. This needs to be completed as the shades are put into sleep mode once they are shipped. They will need to be properly pair to the remote to function. 
  • Rollease Acmeda Automate Pulse 2 vs. WiFi Hub

    The Pulse 2 is the successor of the WiFi Hub. Although the WiFi Hub was revolutionary for its time, the Pulse 2 is capable of much more and is better in several ways. The WiFi Hub was discontinued since the Pulse 2 does everything it accomplished plus more. 
  • How to Fix a Roller Shade

    Roller shades owners can run into a few common problems. This guide will go over quick simple solutions on how to fix these issues. Telescoping, uneven rolling, and the shade not rolling are common problems.

  • How to Set the Rollease Motor Speed

    This guide will go over how to set the speed on a Rollease Motor. Three speed levels exist.
  • Rollease Li-ion Battery Motor FAQs

    Have a question about Rollease Li-ion batteries? Read our FAQ below!
  • How to Reverse the Blind Direction - Rollease Automate

    If you are looking to reverse the blind direction of your Rollease blind or shade, read our guide below. Be sure that the remote is not locked before following the steps.
  • How to Install a Rollease Safety Cord and Tensioner

    Rollease Safety Hold is used to protect kids from loose cords. Kids and pets can strangle themselves around blind/shade cords. To protect them, install a Rollease safety cord and tensioner. These devices can be installed on several different surfaces.