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How to Set a Favorite Position on Rollease Shades

How to Set a Favorite Position on Rollease Shades

Setting Favorite Position

The favorite position on a shade is a location between the upper limit and the lower limit on a shade. It is used to act as a default position that the shade can easily return to with a press of a button. This guide will cover how to set the favorite position on your Rollease shade.set favorite position rollease

  1. Move the shade to the desired location.
  2. Remove the battery cover from the Automate Paradigm Remote.
  3. Press the "P2" button. After pressing this button, the shade should jog once.
  4. Press the "Stop" button. The shade should jog once.
  5. Press the "Stop" button again. The shade should now jog twice. The favorite position should now be set.
  6. To return the shade to the "Favorite" Position, press and hold the "Stop" button until the shade begins to move. 

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