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Rollease Automate Pulse 2 - Apple HomeKit Instructions and FAQs

Automate Pulse 2 & Apple HomeKit

Apple HomeKit works with the Pulse 2 to allow for total control and customization over your shades by using your voice and Siri. 

For the complete instruction guide to connect your Apple device to your Pulse 2, click here.

Siri Commands and Responses

Per Rollease Acmeda, "Siri understands natural spoken language like open the blind or even replace blind with shade; Siri knows what you mean to say. Siri even understands adjectives like; “open the blind a little bit” or even if don’t call the exact name that’s listed in the Pulse app Siri will know what you meant. For example, if the Name of the Blind is Kitchen and the user says open the kitchen window, Siri will ignore the “window” portion".

Rollease Acmeda also has a table that shows what the shade will do in response to a specific voice command. The table is shown below. 

Pulse 2 Homekit

Automate Pulse 2 & Apple HomeKit FAQs

What Does “HomeKit” mean for the Automate Pulse 2?

The Automate Shades can be operated by talking to Siri in your home if you have the Pulse 2 Hub connected to your Router via Lan or WiFi and the free Automate Pulse 2 App installed on an iOS device using iOS11.3 or higher with Apple® HomeKit. Also, you can send the commands to your shade operating any HomeKit-enabled” products outside the home talking to Siri requires 4th Generation Apple TV or Homepod. 

Can I control my shades via Siri from anywhere?

Siri will only operate the shades if you are connected via local Wi-Fi. Alternatively set up a Home Pod, Apple TV or iPad as a home hub to grant you access to remotely control your HomeKit devices.

What Apple hardware/software is required for HomeKit?

An iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod® touch with iOS 11.3 or later is required for HomeKit. You can check your iOS version in Settings > General > About > Version. For remote access you’ll need to have a third generation or later Apple TV with software version 7.0 or later in your home or a Homepod Device. 

Do the Automate Pulse 2 Hub with HomeKit features work with non-Apple smartphones and tablets (e.g. Android™)?

The Automate Pulse 2 App for Pulse 2 Hub is available for Android. However, Android devices do not have Siri and do not support thirdparty HomeKit apps. All Automate Pulse 2 (generation 1 and 2) have identical performance on Android.

Can everyone in the home use Siri from their own iOS device?

Using the Homekit App, you can share control with family and friends. And get notifications about the activity in your home so you never miss a thing.

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