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Rollease Acmeda Skyline Clutch Operated Shades

Rollease Acmeda Skyline Clutch

The Rollease Acmeda Skyline series features a clutch technology that is smooth and reliable. The design features rounded and clean look. This system works perfectly for both residential and commercial projects.

The Skyline series boasts a spring loaded end-pin technology that allows for greater flexibility for installation. This spring arrangement also allows the shade to be pulled up and down smoothly.

The clutches have hooks for for easy and simple installation and are made of fiberglass-filled nylon to give impressive durability. Skyline series also has a range of different colors to add aesthetic to function. 


If you are looking for a reliable way for your rolling shade, the Skyline series is ideal. The Rollease Acmeda Skyline series also contains many product options:

skyline product options

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