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Rollease Automate Sensors

Rollease Parts Spotlight: Rollease Automate Sensors

Rollease Parts: Rollease Automate Sensors

One of the most innovative Rollease parts available are the Rollease Automate sensors. Rollease Automate sensors work in conjunction with Rollease Automate motorized awnings, external shades, and internal shades. These sensors allow the window coverings to open and close automatically to provide an ideal environment with the perfect amount of shade and temperature.

Automate has two sensors: The internal sun sensor and the wind & sun sensor.

Rollease Automate Sun Sensor (MTRF-SUNSENS)

The sun sensor has a sleek unobtrusive design that is able to control blinds or shades. The sensor fits on the inside of the window and has four pre-set light intensity thresholds that can be set. Once the sunlight levels are higher than the setting chosen, the sensor will close the blind or shade. Closing the blind or shade helps control sun glare, temperature levels in your home, and it protects your home from any possible UV damage from the extra sunlight. 

    Rollease Sun Sensor

    Rollease Automate Wind & Sun Sensor (MT02-0301-072001)


    Rollease Wind and Sun sensor

    The wind and sun sensor is perfect for an optimal shade environment while also offering awning protection. This device automatically extends or retracts the awning based on the outdoor conditions. The sensor also features an internal battery that is charged by solar panels making installation wire-free and simple.

    If you are looking for a high amount of convenience and automation for your outdoor or indoor window coverings, look no further than Rollease Automate Sensors.

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