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Rollease clutch

Identifying Rollease Roller Shade Clutches

The difference between Rollease R-Series and Rollease Skyline clutches.


Are you having problems identifying a Rollease clutch? Our guide will help you navigate what clutch you have so that you can repair/replace any needed parts! Learn the difference between R-Series and Skyline clutches.

  1. Determine if your clutch is R-Series or Skyline. One of the main differences are if the clutch has hooks for mounting. Skyline clutch has hooks, R-Series does not have hooks.rollease clutch
  2. Determine if the clutch's style is standard or galaxy. (Note: Exception is the SL30, which has a covered pulley.rollease galaxy standard
  3.  The third step in identifying a clutch is to measure the width of the clutch at its widest point (”G” Dimension) and find the corresponding model number to establish a size.rollease g dimension
  4.  The next step in identifying a specific clutch is to determine the outside diameter of the aluminum tube that the clutch must fit. This will guide you to the proper housing size.                                                     
  5. Now that you know the type, style, size, and tube diameter of your clutch, you can choose the color and match your information to a product code.


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