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Rollease Motor

Rollease Motor Programming FAQs

Rollease Motor Programming FAQs

Having trouble programming your Rollease motor for you blind or shade? Look through these frequently asked questions.

Why can't I pair the Rollease remote to my Rollease motor? 

Be sure do the sequencing in a timely manner. After you press and hold the P1 button until the motor jogs once, press and hold the STOP button within 4 seconds. If you did this correctly, the motor will jog twice then beep to confirm the pairing. 

How do I set limits on my Rollease Motor?

Check the direction of the motor after you pair it. Change direction by pressing the UP & DOWN buttons at the same time. Adjust the top stop position by pressing UP and STOP until the motor jogs then beeps. Next, move the shade to the button position and hold DOWN and STOP to set the lower limit. 

How do I adjust my limit position? 

Move the shade to the position where you want the limit to be. Hold UP and STOP buttons simultaneously until the motor jogs then release the buttons. You can now adjust the position of shade to where you'd like. To confirm the position, press and hold UP and STOP and the motor will jog and beep to confirm. Do the same for the lower limit except press DOWN and STOP to open and close the limit setting.

My motor will jog and pair but why can't I set the limits?

If you can't set the limits and the motor will jog and pair, it may be because multiple motors are paired to the same channel. It may be beneficial to have an extra 15 channel remote that provides control over each motor. Also, be sure to always have a channel dedicated for programming functions.

    My motor no longer has its limits. Why? 

    If your motor no longer has limits, it is likely that the battery died or the motor got accidentally reset to factory settings.

    How can I change the shade direction? The motor has limits programmed but when I push UP, the shade goes down.

    If the limits have been already set, the direction is changed by holding the P1 button until the motor jogs three times. If the limits have not been set, press and hold the UP and DOWN buttons until the motor reacts. 

    Can you hide channels that are not in use?

    Yes, you can adjust the number of channels being used if you have a multi-channel remote. If you are using five motors, you can make the remote a five channel remote.

    What is channel 0 for?

    Motors programmed to the same remote will respond to channel 0. On channel 0, pressing UP will move all shades programmed on that remote to move up.

    Why cant I program another channel to my motor? I was able to pair the motor to the first transmitter, but I cant get it to pair to the next channel.

    Before a motor can accept programming from another channel or transmitter, the limits must be set so that the motor is in normal operational mode.

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