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Different Types of Roller Shade Material

Types of Roller Shade Material

Deciding on what type of roller shade material you want can be daunting. Different types of fabric accomplished different objectives. Depending on the room, you may want one fabric over another. This guide will break down different types of roller shade material and its purpose.

Blackout Fabric

Blackout roller shades' main objective is to completely block any incoming light into a room. This type of roller shade also offers complete privacy. Designs can vary. Blackout shades work ideally for bedrooms, entertainment rooms, or any room where light is unwanted. Blackout shades typically have acrylic foam backing that allows no light to be passed through them.

Solar Screen Fabric

Solar screen roller shades are perfect for protecting your home from the sun's UV rays without compromising the view. Several different styles and textures are available for this type of material. 

solar screen roller shade

Light Filtering/Room Dimming Fabric

Light filtering roller shades allows some light to be passed into the room to give the right amount of natural light while giving privacy. This material comes different styles to match any room's decor.  

light filtering roller shade

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