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fix a roller shade

How to Fix a Roller Shade That Won't Go Up

How to Fix a Roller Shade That Won't Go Up

Nothing can be more frustrating than having a roller shade that will not go up. Read our guide to learn how to easily fix this issue! (Note: This is a general guide and may not work on all roller shades. Please reference any manufacturer's notes or instructions.)

fix a roller shade

  1. First, lower the shade all the way down.
  2. From there, uninstall the roller shade from its existing brackets. 
  3. Take the uninstalled roller shade and roll the shade back up tightly.
  4. Hold the shade in place and reinstall the shade back into its brackets. 
  5. Test to see if this has help. If not, repeat the previous steps 1-2 more times. 

These simple steps should help if your roller shade won't go up! For a more complete guide on how to fix roller shades, click here.

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