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Rollease Automate Programming FAQ Part 2

What is the range of the remote?

Approximately 100ft depending on environmental conditions. You must take antennae orientation into consideration regarding range of the remote as well.

Can I replace the batteries if the do not charge?

No, our Li-Ion motors have the batteries integrated into the motor which allows for easier installation and no necessity for an external battery pack. We thoroughly vetted the batteries and added in a trickle charge of the motors to allow for longer battery life over time. If the batteries do fail, it will require a motor replacement.

How long do I need to charge my Li-ion motor?

A newly deployed motor will require 6 hours of charge to attain a full charge. When the motor needs to be recharged, it will again require 6 hours of charge, to be fully charged.

When charging a motor, the green light turns to red. Is the motor fully charged when the charger turns green again?

The red light comes on to signify fast charging of the battery. After fast charge is done, the light turns green and the remaining time, is a trickle charge, for optimum charging.

Can I overcharge the battery by leaving the charger on too long?

No. The motor and battery both have overcharge protection circuits in built. This means that the motor has a charge limiting circuit and the charger does as well.

Can I leave the charger on the motor indefinitely?

Yes. The charger can be permanently attached, if so desired. This makes the motor into a wired solution, with a battery backup. However, it cannot be connected to a constantly applied voltage like from our Low Voltage Power Panel.

How can I change directions? My motor is programmed with its limits, but when I push the UP button, it goes down.

Before the limits are set, motor direction can be changed by pressing and holding the UP and DOWN buttons simultaneously, until the motor reacts. If the limits have been set, the direction can be changed by pressing and holding the P1 button until the motor jogs 3 times.



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