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rollease automate

Rollease Automate Programming FAQ Part 1

What is the range on the Pulse 2?

Approximately 60ft. This depends greatly on the environmental conditions.

When you are programming limits can you adjust the shade the opposite direction if you discover that you have gone too far before locking the limit?

Yes. If you run the shade too far one direction any time during the limit setting process, you can simply utilize the Up/Down arrows to get it back to the desired position.

What do you do when your Rollease remote doesn’t work all shades on channel 0?

With regards to channel zero - antenna manipulation, and transmitter orientation are both things that affect operation, Start by adjusting the motor antennae, then try the remote from different locations. RF broadcast and reception patterns vary by product.

When you have multiple shades why dose the pulse 2 lag in controlling the shades?

The Pulse 2 sends the signal out to each shade within milliseconds. This can be effected by whether a shade hears the first call or not and wont be sent another run command until the next round. In addition, the hub may be located further from the shades than typical remote control and this could cause a slight delay in the signal reaching the multitude of shades you are wishing to control.

What do you do when you are out of range of multiple shades and some don’t work?

I would first adjust antennas and attempt to come within range and verify control of the shades. From there, I would work my way out to the desired control location and see where I lose control. You may be able to implement a repeater to boost the range.


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