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Rollease Automate

Rollease Automate Programming FAQ Part 3

I am trying to program my motor and it doesn’t seem to be working correctly - such as one limit will set but not the other. What can I do?

The most dependable way to clear up any motor programming problems or issues, is to reset the motor back to factory cleared condition and start over. To do this, press and hold the P1 button on the motor until the motor jogs 4 times. It will usually be accompanied by 4 beeps. Having done this, the motor is void of any previous programming and ready to be programmed.

Why will my motor not respond to the P1 button?

If the motor will not respond, the first option is to connect the charger to the motor. The light should change from green to red. Red light means that the motor needs to be charged. Once plugged into the charger, the motor should work as expected.

I am trying to program my Pulse 2 Hub with my iPhone. I have the Ethernet connected and haven't been successful.

The Ethernet cable cannot be connected for pairing. That function has been included for future development. Please disconnect the cable and try again. Be sure to check for 2.4ghz network and follow the process. With IOS it is best to start with Home-kit and follow the process. With Android, choose Add New Hub and follow the instructions.

Trying to set or change limits. Unable to get the limits to respond.

Typically, the Transmitter is in a locked state. Press and hold the lock button until the transmitter is unlocked. With the switches, the lock feature is accessed with the STOP button.

I changed the battery in my paradigm remote. Now, none of my shades will operate.

Pressing the P2 while inserting the battery will toggle the Mode to EL Mode which is for Australia or Europe. Repeating the process will toggle it back to ARC Mode and all functions will return to normal.

My Paradigm Remote only has 5 channels. We are adding 3 more shades and don't have channels available for those shades.

The remote has been programmed to hide channels. Press and hold Channel and Stop until 15 flashes then press Stop. You will now have 15 channels again.

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