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Rollease Acmeda Automate Pulse 2 vs. WiFi Hub

How is the Pulse 2 better than the original WiFi Hub?

The Pulse 2 is the successor of the WiFi Hub. Although the WiFi Hub was revolutionary for its time, the Pulse 2 is capable of much more and is better in several ways. The WiFi Hub was discontinued since the Pulse 2 does everything it accomplished plus more. 

Aesthetic & Features

The Hub featured a classic black look while the Pulse 2 boasts an updated sleek white and gray combination. The Pulse 2 also has custom packaging and is manufactured in the US.

App Functionality 

The Pulse 2 has an iPad version while the Hub did not. The Pulse 2 app was designed to work well in portrait and landscape mode and it features an all new responsive design. 


The Pulse 2's server uses Amazon Web Services while the Hub used foreign proprietary. The Rollease Pulse 2 also works with both WiFi and LAN.

IOT and Home Automation

One of the biggest improvements from the Hub to the Pulse 2 is the increased  functionality with other automation/IOT. HomeKit is enabled with the Pulse 2 as well as having Alexa and Google as native functions. IFTTT, Smart Things, Crestron, Ssavant, Control4, AMX, Elan, and HomeSSr works with the Pulse 2.

For more information about purchasing a Pulse 2, please visit the product page.

Have problems with your Rollease Automate Pulse 2? Visit our resource and help page here.

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