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fix roller shade

How to Fix a Roller Shade

Common Problems and Solutions for Roller Shade

Roller shades owners can run into a few common problems. This guide will go over quick simple solutions on how to fix these issues.

Roller Shade Rolls Up Unevenly (Telescoping)

Telescoping on a roller shade is when the shade rolls up unevenly making one side of the shade look like a "telescope". To fix this issue, roll the shade all the way down until the bare tube is showing. From there, use a piece of masking tape and place is on the opposite side of the "telescoping" end. Roll the shade back up and see if the shade is rolling up correctly. If not, use more tape. The more telescoping of a shade requires more tape.

Roller Shade Rolls Up too Fast or too Slow

If the shade is rolling up too fast, have the shade in the up position. Remove the shade from the brackets and unroll the shade to about halfway. The blind should work normally after you replace the blind.

If the shade is rolling up too slow, have the shade lowered to the bottom. Then remove the shade and roll up the shade to about halfway. Replace the blind and it should work properly.Β 

Roller Shade Will Not Roll Up

Ensure the brackets are in good condition and are not interfering with the end of the roller shade. Pull the shade down partially and remove them from the brackets. Roll the shade twice and place them back into the brackets. You may have to do this a few times to achieve proper tension.

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Melanie Heenan - December 21, 2020

Having trouble changing the channel on the remote. It was on 8 and took one blind down. I got it changed to 1 but it’s stuck there

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