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Roller Shades

Why use Rollease Roller Shades?

Rollease Roller Shades

One of the most popular window treatments is roller shades. Roller shades' versatility and simplicity has kept them as a favorite for homeowners over traditional window treatments. 

Function (Privacy, sunlight, motorization, easy to use)

Roller shades work extremely well when it comes to blocking light and maintaining your privacy. Roller shades can be made from blackout material and that will ensure the sun's rays will not enter your room.

A properly installed roller shade, will protect your privacy as well. If you are seeking complete privacy, opting for an outside mounted shade instead of an inside mounted shade is necessary. Roller shades can be made to fit over doors as well. 

Rollease Roller Shades

Style & Customization (Motorization - easy to use)

Roller shades can be made to fit any room or style. The fabric from which the shade can be made from a limitless range of color, textures, and patterns. In one room, you may choose a dark blackout fabric while in another room you can pick a light colored sheerweave fabric. A roller shade can easily blend in with the rest of the room or stand out depending on your goal. 

How you use your roller shade can also be customized. Roller shades can be cord-operated or cordless. For a more traditional look, selecting the cord option would be ideal. However, the cordless option makes the shade sleeker safer than the cord option. Cords can be dangerous if children and toddlers are around resulting in damaging the shade or injuring themselves. 

Roller shades can also be motorized. The motorized roller shades can be activated and set via a remote control or through your smartphone or tablet with an app. With motor shades, shades can be set to "favorite" positions and set to certain positions based on a schedule based on sunlight or time.

Cost (price, cheap to maintain/clean)

Roller shades are a cost effective window treatment for homeowners. Roller shades can fit any budget while performing just as well as any another blind or shade. 

Maintaining and cleaning a roller shade is simple and easy. Roller shades are less likely to collect dust or dirt since the shade only consists of one piece of fabric and not slats or louvres. A duster or a damp rag will be more than enough to clean a roller shade (depending on the material of the shade).

Rollease Automate roller shades also can improve your home's energy efficiency. This can lower both your heat and lighting bill. Read about how Rollease Automate shades can achieve this here.

Roller Shades

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