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Rollease Clutch and bead chain

How to Put a Bead Chain in a Rollease Clutch

How to Put a Bead Chain in a Rollease Clutch

Putting a bead chain in a Rollease clutch may seem difficult at first. However, follow our instructions below and you will have the chain installed in no time!

how to put a bead chain into rollease clutch

Step 1: Take the Rollease clutch in one hand and the bead chain in the other hand. From here, place put the bead chain through the opening of the chain guard.

Step 2: Take the bead chain and loop it around the housing of the Rollease clutch. 

Loop bead chain into clutch

Step 3. Take one ball of the bead chain and place it into the first tooth on the left side of the pulley. Then pull in a clockwise motion until the chain is all the way around the pulley.

Bead chain

Step 4: Pull the rest of the chain down through the chain guard. The bead chain is now fully installed in the Rollease Clutch!

rollease bead chain pull

If you want to remove the bead chain from the Rollease clutch, simply put the chain back through the chain guard and gently pull the bead chain forward starting on the right side. While doing this, it is important to simultaneously pull the bead chain counter clockwise. 

Unsure of the difference between the Rollease R-Series clutch and the Rollease Skyline clutch? Read our guide here!

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