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rollease motors

Rollease Lithium Ion Battery Motors

Rollease Acmeda Battery Motors

The Lithium Ion battery motors  (Li-Ion) are what power Rollease Acmeda's powerful and elegant roller shades. Lithium battery technology is found in laptops, cars, and smartphones.

Li-Ion batteries can power 500 up/down cycles per charge. This number could vary depending on the size of the shade and the fabric weight. If normal operation is about one cycle per day, our battery can last a year and a half with no charge.

Li-Ion batteries are rechargeable and can be recharged around 500 times. The batteries can also not be overcharged. Rollease Automate motors have a charge-management circuit that adjusts the current into the battery. Once the battery is fully charged, the circuit will limit the electric current and shut off power. The batteries are able to hold a meaningful charge for all 500 charges.

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