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rollease r-series

Rollease Acmeda R-Series Clutch Operated Shades

Rollease Acmeda R-Series Clutch

The Rollease Acmeda R-Series as been one of the most reliable, versatile, and dependable clutches since 1982. The R-Series clutches are perfect for large commercial projects or large window coverings. These clutches contain a proprietary spring mechanism which creates an easy and smooth lift. 

R-Series is made of fiberglass reinforced materials to promote durability and guarantee high quality. The clutches are also to work with a various tube sizes for both residential and commercial applications.


With this series, heavy shades feel light and never need any additional adjusting. R-Series is available in many different colors (depending on the specific model) on our online store.

rollease r series clutch

If you are looking for a reliable proven roller shade clutch, R-Series is perfect.

rollease r series

Have a questions about the R-Series series? Contact for more information.

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