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install rollease skyline

How to Install Rollease Skyline Shade and Fascia

Installing Rollease Skyline Shade and Fascia

Our guide will go over how to install your Rollease Skyline Shade and Fascia step by step. Specifically, this will go over how to install 4" Skyline Fascia.

  1. Install the 4" fascia Rollease brackets against the frame. Before installation, pre-mark and drill the holes to wear the brackets will attach. This will help installation. 
  2. Partially install the screws first before the fascia.pre install screws
  3. Place the fascia over the screws and slide the fascia over them.install fascia
  4. Continue drilling in the screws completely. 
  5. Repeat the previous three steps on the opposite side.
  6. Install the fascia clip on both sides. Simple insert and then push until you hear the snap. install fascia clip
  7. Install the Rollease Skyline shade. Insert the Rollease pin end side first and press the spring so that it is easier to slide the clutch end side into the Rollease brackets.install rollease skyline
  8. Install the fascia by angling it up into the Rollease brackets and then snapping it down. install fascia
  9. For outside mounted shades, install the fascia brackets. The lip of the fascia bracket will cover the front of the fascia. Insert at an angle and snap it into place.
    install fascia brackets
  10. Install the Rollease safety tension device. Pre-mark and pre-drill the holes before installation. Follow Rollease instructions on where the proper location should be. From there, drill into place.install safety tensioner
  11. Your shade is now completely installed. Be sure to test that the shade operates correctly.

Make sure your shade operates correctly. For any other questions or how to's, email or visit our how to page here.






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