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How to Install a Rollease Safety Cord and Tensioner

How to Install a Rollease Safety Cord and Tensioner

Rollease safety cord and tensioner is used to protect kids from loose cords. Kids and pets can strangle themselves around blind/shade cords. To protect them, install a Rollease safety cord and tensioner. These devices can be installed on several different surfaces.

 rollease safety hold

  1. Thread the cord around the guide and through the base. Place the Rollease tensioner near the mounting surface and mark the screw holes.
  2. Drill the previously marked holes. 
  3. Pull the cord through the base and spring.
  4. Slide the insert through the guide.
  5. Attached the Rollease tensioner to the mounting surface with screws.
  6. Test to ensure the device is mounted correctly and is sturdy.

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