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Rollease Automate Shades

How can Rollease Automate Shades Improve Your Home's Energy Efficiency

Rollease Automate Shades

Shades and blinds have the ability to control the temperature and climate of your home naturally. Homeowners now have the ability to stray away from constant air-conditioning and heating adjustments and look towards their window coverings. Constantly adjusting your thermostat leads to higher energy expenses and hurts our planet's global climate.

Rollease Motorization

Studies show that windows, specifically windows that lack any type of covering, can lead to almost a 40% loss of heating energy. The same windows can also be responsible for almost 90% of a home's heat gain depending on weather conditions. Simply raising or lowering your shades at the most optimal times will be more than enough to control the energy transfers. However, with manual shades or blinds, it can be difficult to constantly raise and lower each and every shade at the most optimal time day after day. Motorization is the perfect solution for this issue as it provides immediate convenience. Controlling the temperature in your home doesn't need to be cumbersome or expensive anymore with motorized Automate Shades via the Rollease Automate Pulse 2.

Rollease Automate Shades

Energy Efficient 

Automate shades feature customizable control options and sun sensors that are simple to manage, view, and change. Automate shades are able to take the outdoor temperature and the sun's position to create the most energy efficient environment in your home by simply raising and lowering themselves into the best position. Automate shades help your home capture and maintain heat during colder months while also blocking and minimizing heat during the hotter summer months. 

Rollease Roller Shades

Cost Effective

Automate shades can also be responsible for cutting your electric bill. The shades can be adjusted to let the ideal amount of outdoor light in. Instead of reaching for a light switch, you can now rely on your Automate shades to control the lighting in your home without flipping a switch.

Automate shades are just an example of one of the many ideas that were formed from the need for smarter and more energy efficient solutions. The Automate product line also features a solar panel that absorbs sunlight to power your shades, so you may never have to worry about manually charging your motors. If you are looking to turn your house into a more energy efficient home, Automate shades would be a great place to start. Automate works with Amazon, Apple HomeKit, and Google Home making it extremely accessible.

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