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Rollease Acmeda

Rollease Acmeda - ARC™ Motors

What is Rollease ARC™?

ARC™ stands for Automate Radio Communication. Rollease Acmeda uses this radio communication to make Rollease motorized shades functional. The 433Mhz bi-directional communication allows users to see feedback regarding his or her shade. Through the smartphone app, a user can see and set shade positions. The motor's battery healthy is also displayed.

The app allows for a remote-free motor set up with easy to use functions. Favorite shade positions, speed settings, and limit settings can be controlled anywhere and anytime.

Rollease ARC Troubleshooting

If you are having issues with the ARC range, you may be encountering factors that influence the effectiveness. 

  • Any type of metal near the vicinity. The metal will often absorb the signal and decrease range.
  • Brick walls, wall tiles, or glass
  • Microwave signal - A microwave will decrease range when it is running

Rollease ARC

However, a simple solution is available to remedy this problem. To extend the wireless range between remotes and or the Automate hub, install an Automate ARC repeater. The ARC repeater can double the range easily by just plugging it in near out of range motors. 

At, we offer a variety of motors that use this technology. If you are looking for replacement or repair parts for your Rollease motorized shade, please visit our shop!

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