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Rollease Li-ion Battery Motor FAQs

Have a question about Rollease Li-ion batteries? Read our FAQ below!

Rollease Li-ion Battery Motor FAQs

Is it required to remove the motor from the blind to charge it?

No, the motor can be charged while installed. Simply plug-in the charger to the connector at the motor head.

How long does the motor take to charge?

It should take around 6 hours to charge.

What do the red/green lights on the charger mean?

A red light comes on to signify fast charging of the battery. After fast charge is done, the light turns green and the remaining 3 hour charge becomes a trickle charge, optimizing battery performance.

Can I overcharge the battery by leaving the charger on too long?

No. The motor/battery both have integrated overcharge protection circuits. This means that the battery will limit the charge it will accept if plugged in longer than necessary.

Can I leave the charger on the motor indefinitely?

Yes. The charger can be left plugged into the motor longer than a charging cycle requires. This makes the motor into a hard-wired solution, with a battery backup.

How long will the battery last before it needs to be recharged?

It depends on the motor model and the size/weight of the shade.Generally, the target is 500 up/down cycles. The Automate Pulse app will indicate when the motor battery is low and in need of recharge.

Why does my motor beep 10 times?

  • The battery in the motor needs recharging.
  • Recharge with the AC adapter that came with the blind.
  • Check the connection and positioning of the solar panel

Does the motor battery ever need replacing?

No, the battery is designed for the full life of the motor.

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